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saishikigekoku's Journal

a POITRINE community.
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Left to right: Sayo (vo), Denu (ba), Ginga (gu), Urala (gu), Yusuke (dr).

Welcome to 彩色下国, a community dedicated to the Japanese indies band called ポワトリン [POITRINE]. This community was created on the 26th of May 2006 by karmik and it is the first POITRINE community.

&the band;

POITRINE was formed in May 2005, although the band didn't have much activity until in November when they had their first live on the 2nd at MESSE HALL. They released their first Maxi-Single 彩色下国パラサイト予告 [Saishiki Gekoku Parasite Yokoku] rather soon after the live activity had started, on the 18th of November. Since then POITRINE has had live shows rather regularly and on the 27th of April they released their first Mini-Album, 彩色下国パラサイト [Saishiki Gekoku Parasite]. By far they have released singles, participated in VA collections and toured with Mello.

For the time being, POITRINE consists of five members; two guitarists, a vocalist, a bassist and a drummer who, after a long search, permanently joined the band in August 2007.


The rules of this community are simple. There are only four of them for the time being, and members will be informed about any changes.

01. Posting media is allowed, but keep requests to a minimum in order to avoid pointless spamming. Go through the entries first, or request in a music sharing community. Please keep all media related posts friends only. Also, support the artist! Poitrine releases have become fairly easy to buy!

02. Fanfics are not allowed in this community. The reason is simple; fanfics about real people are disrespective.

03. If you want to advertise a community or site, please make sure it's related to POITRINE or oshare kei in general. Also remember to place pictures larger than 300x300px under an lj-cut.

04. Be courteous. No bashing anyone. Feel free to express your opinion but if you're here to bash POITRINE or their fans, please leave the community.


The posts can be either members only or public, it's your choice as long as posts containing audio and/or video remain members only.

Also, remember to check out the memories for the strictly POITRINE-related posts (graphics, media, info et cetera) and the tags for all the posts here, including introductions and all that good stuff!

You can also make an introduction post if you want to. You can either write a free-form introduction as long as it's somehow related to POITRINE or you can use the following code for your post. Just copy&paste, fill in (the ones you want to reveal to us) and post!



POITRINE at Visunavi
Sayo's blog & fanmail
Urala's blog & fanmail
Ginga's blog & fanmail
Denu's blog & fanmail
Yusuke's blog & fanmail

Buy POITRINE's mini-album (they ship abroad, as well -- more information on ordering here!) or go here or here, for example.

→ The Approved POITRINE Fanlisting




If you have any questions, comments, links or if you want to affiliate, contact _pavla_ or karmik.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the community!

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