E. (wiggyboon) wrote in saishikigekoku,

Help is appreciated!

Hello, this is my first post here and I hope I'm not screwing this up. Spank me if I do.
Okay, I'm sooo confused and frustrated about this and I just need to get this cleared up.

EDIT: Problem solved!

I looked up the tracklist for CANNONBALL vol.4 and this is what I got at Jishuban Club:
"7. バッテリー少年/ポワトリン
8. 魔法陣少年/ポワトリン"
Number seven is "Battery Shounen" and number eight is "Mahoujin Shounen".
But I see people calling the second one "Mahoujin Seminar" and it makes me even more frustrated.
Or is it Jishuban Club who screwed up this tracklist? GAH.
And I do not trust last.fm ... *shivers*

Urala posted a rip of the CD and then I remember the post where she(?) said she mixed the two up but ... I'm still stupidconfused. So, which is which?!

And oh, since I'm still going, does anyone have the lyrics for both songs? That would clear this up to 100%. And I love the song that is 4:01 minutes so lyrics for that one would be AWESOMMME~

And mods, I don't know if I should I tag this or if it only should be visible for members ...
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