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Mod post

Jello, it's your useless moderator #2 here.
Let me introduce myself

Name: Paula
Age: 19 ½
Country: Finland
What's your favourite POITRINE song? Daidai to mizu 8DD It's really something else.
How and when did you get to know POITRINE? First I tried to avoid them, but then fell hopelessly in love with the guys. It must have been some time after Saishikigekoku parasite's release ._.;
Do you have any POITRINE CDs or other merchandise? No, unfortunately not.
Do you have any ideas or suggestions for the community? Let's do something nice, everyone together now *gets bricked*

I've made us some new graphics, and with karmik  's consent changed the rules a bit:

01. Posting media is allowed, but keep requests to a minimum in order to avoid pointless spamming. Go through the entries first, or request in a music sharing community. Please keep all media related posts friends only. Also, support the artist! Poitrine releases have become fairly easy to buy!

Would anyone be interested in a contest of some sort? Damnit, we could even make a fan project! *energetic*
Go ahead and tell me what you think. What sort of a contest, what sort of a project??
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Hello! ^__^
Yey for rule change! 8)

I think a contest would be fun, although I doubt I'll participate.. haha xD
It'll probably be some sort of graphics contest right? My skills lack horribly XD but maybe others will be interested ^^
Hmm, it doesn't have to be a graphics contest. Some kind of a fan project would be better in that sense; it'd be easier for everyone to participate.
Thank you for commenting~
Fanproject! It would be so nice...
It wouldn't have to be great and original, something like a book or album or even just something that can be sent through e-mail... maa, I dunno :D